Tulsa Snow Removal Services

Winter is coming, and with it comes cold weather, wind, sleet, and the ever-popular, snow. While many us prefer to stay inside and sip hot chocolate, you know at some point you need to grab the shovel and clear your driveway and even sidewalks. Depending on where you live, many home owner’s associations also require that it gets done. This could be a strong reason why you should hire a professional that provides Tulsa Snow Removal Services.

Snow removal in Tulsa is essential as accidents like slips and falls are much more common in the colder months. Removing snow can prevent many of these accidents, but ongoing maintenance is required to keep walking areas dry. This will not only promote safety but will reduce, any liability property owners may face.

Choose Tulsa Lawn Care Services

If you are unable to do it yourself, hiring an outside service like Tulsa Lawn Care services will work with you to keep your sidewalks, driveways, and even parking lots free of snow and ice throughout the colder months. We have the proper equipment and dedicated employees to keep your areas clear so you can continue with your daily life and business.

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Tips from a Tulsa Snow Removal Service Provider

  • It’s important to shovel the full width of the sidewalk. This includes all sides of the property. Shoveling to the concrete is vital to make sure you remove all ice.

  • Start early. This reduces the chances of ice from forming.

    Ice melt or salt can melt the ice. Sprinkling the area with a little sand will reduce slipping and falling.

  • Keep garbage cans and recycling bin free of snow.

  • Avoid piling snow in the streets or alleys but rather on the property.

  • Use the proper equipment for proper snow removal and avoiding back injuries.

  • If you’re on vacation, make arrangements for any snow removal with a service or family member.

How to handle snow removal after a Snowstorm

Snowstorms have a history of plaguing the Midwest, and regular snow removal is important, but it’s also a lot of work. Here are some reasons why it’s important to clear snow from the pavement, especially when it comes to snow removal Broken Arrow area.

  • Safety: The most important is someone slipping and falling, which can prove harmful to a person’s health. This can prove liability for businesses or in your community. It’s best to keep everything clear.

  • Loss of business: If a customer can’t get into your parking lot, then your business will suffer as they go elsewhere. If it’s too slick, they may go somewhere else if it isn’t safe, and an adequately cleared lot and sidewalks show how much you care about your customers.

  • Workers and others can get injured: Having an employee to clean the snow off can be hazardous to their health. Lack of proper winter attire or even proper lifting or breaks can make your business pay more if your employee gets injured. Hiring a professional like Tulsa Lawn Care Services can prevent any liability and protect your workers.

  • Legality: Throughout the country, many cities and states state it’s your responsibility to clear the snow and any injuries related to it.