Things That Make You Love And Hate Lawn Mowing

Why is mowing your lawn so important, especially if you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma? There are many reasons. First, it will keep your grass healthy and robust throughout the season. If the grass is trimmed correctly on time, this will prevent any weeds from coming in and taking over. Once weeds set in during the early mowing season, you will have to treat them all year long to keep them away and treatment is not a cheap option.

The second reason to keep a well-trimmed lawn is to provide a beautiful landscape and add to your curb appeal and home value. Regular mowing or trimming will keep the grass short and even give your property a well-groomed appearance. For many, this can be a matter of pride or satisfaction. However, if your property’s landscaping is not well maintained, the value will decrease. Losing value will affect your home’s price if you are trying to sell it or re-finance for a loan.

One of the most critical reasons to mow your lawn is to stay out of legal trouble. The City of Tulsa reports that yard maintenance, which includes mowing, is in the top ten reasons for violation tickets. Within the city limits of Tulsa, grass of any type cannot exceed 12 inches at any given point. Breaking the code of ordinance will lead to you receiving a ticket from the city that carries a hefty fine. In addition, it is essential to remember that any neighbor can report overgrown grass as a nuisance, prompting the city to complete a manual check of your property.


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The Reason Why Everyone Loves Tulsa Lawn Care Services

At Tulsa Lawn Care, we understand that keeping up with your lawn can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, cutting your yard is a necessary evil that must be done even if you hate it. Mowing can prove hard work. Hiring a lawn care provider like Tulsa Lawn Services can make things easier for you and is reasonably cost-effective.

As experts in lawn care, we will be able to mow your lawn at the proper height so it can be easily maintained. In addition, our lawn professionals can offer you a free estimate to fit your needs. Tulsa Lawn Care Services has served Tulsa, OK, and surrounding areas since 2019 for residential and commercial properties. As a complete lawn care professional business, we know firsthand how important it is to have a well-maintained lawn.