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Nothing can beat our professionalism and lawn maintenance techniques that have been tried and proven for years. From scalping a lawn to proper mowing, every piece of lawn care should be completed in an orderly fashion. We do not compromise on the quality of work. At Tulsa Lawn Care Services, we experienced enough to handle any lawn maintenance effectively and efficiently. Let our team know what your requirements are, and the rest is our job.

You cannot bring efficiency to the table without the aid of proper tools and equipment for lawn maintenance. Tulsa Lawn Care Services always performs each task with appropriate tools. Whether it is a small tool like Trowel or a heavy one like Zero Turn Lawn Mower. We are always well-prepared for any size lawn.

What is the benefit of having a service provider for mowing if you are not satisfied with the work? Tulsa Lawn Care Services ensures that your lawn appears to be healthy and fresh after mowing. We have a dedicated customer base in Oklahoma and years of experience in this field. If you are seeking reliability, then Tulsa Lawn Care Services should be your only choice. Just give us a call, and we will schedule a free appointment at your property at a time that best fits with your schedule.

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Lawn Mowing

$ 40
  • Premium Mowing & Trimming
  • Clean Edge Blowing
  • Landscaping Advice
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Leaf removal services help keep a clean yard

All of us love the spring season when everything blossoms and looks elegant. The lawns and gardens display delightful spectacles. When the fall comes, it brings its charm and delight. Trees shed their leaves, and you get a dry feel around. The fall season has its attractions for sure. But this fall season can also

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Make Your Property Appealing through Gutter Cleaning and Yard Cleanup

Make Your Property Appealing through Gutter Cleaning and Yard Cleanup You have a beautiful property in an elegant neighborhood. Your house interior as well exterior looks fantastic. But your yard seems to be full of a brush pile, and your gutters seem to be clogged. Imagine how that would affect the appeal of your property.

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Mistakes to avoid with Lawn Care and Maintenance

As the Spring and Summer season is approaching, you might be wondering about lawn care. If you do not prefer getting your hands dirty, you can pay around $30 per square footage for professional lawn mowing and trimming services. However, lawn fertilization or watering would mean additional costs. Did you know, U.S. households spend roughly

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Need a new Landscaping service for 2021?

We consider ourselves the best complete lawn care service providers in the Tulsa area. The reason is simple; we genuinely care for our customers and their yards! Each week we demonstrate this care by providing the best quality mowing and trimming in Tulsa. We do not over complicate this service or try to upsell you on additional services that are not needed. The formula is simple; we arrive at a time that works best for you, inspect the lawn thoroughly, prepare our top-of-the-line equipment for mowing to complete a thorough and precise job. At the end of every project, we make sure to blow off any reaming grass clippings from the front entrance, driveway, or sidewalks to ensure a beautiful and clean look you can be proud of.

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Saul is wonderful! On time, efficient, and does excellent work. What more could you ask for!?!

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This company is by far the best I’ve ever worked with in lawn care. I get compliments regularly about how... read more

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Saul and Tulsa Lawn Care Services is the best lawn service I've ever used! Saul is professional and offers great... read more

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We are very happy with our new garden. Tulsa lawn care is professional and very detailed. They offered multiple solutions... read more

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They're definitely worth the price. However, if you want leaves removed that are somewhat hidden (in a courtyard or under... read more

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Excellent lawn and landscape care. Saul is very professional and attentive to detail. Our new landscaping looks amazing thanks to... read more

Gutter Cleaning Services in Tulsa Oklahoma

Why you should clean your gutters
Multiple reasons can cause the clogging of your gutters. To make sure that your channels remain clean and never get blocked, you should call the experts at Tulsa Lawn Care Services. You might be wondering why the gutters should be cleaned regularly.  Keeping a clean gutter system that works efficiently will help maintain property value and avoid unexpected costs. If you don’t support the cleanliness of the gutters around your home, then the same channel will turn into a trouble maker. The accumulation of debris causes the blockage of drains. This blockage affects the entire water drainage system. Mere lack of cleaning can give rise to unwanted problems.

Blockage damages house foundations
If gutters not appropriately cleaned, then the accumulated debris and dirt can cause the water to drain improperly. This improper drainage can lead to the water seepage issue. Once this seepage spreads, the cost of maintenance to the foundation of your home will increase. Don’t wait for the debris to cause foundation problems and hire the professionals of Tulsa Lawn Care Service to reduce these risks. Get a quick and effective cleanup today and make your gutter system fully functional.