We can all agree that during the heat of summer, the last thing we want to do is mow our lawn. To prevent a heat stroke and other health-related issues, one can hire a landscaping company to mow the lawn. Many landscaping companies like Tulsa Lawn Care Services offer lawn mowing, trimming, and grass treatements. The most basic option is weekly or bi-weekly mowing. Investing in a landscaper that can mow weekly is worth the cost. Having your lawn taken care of regularly will increase property value and keep your neighbors happy.

Prices for having your lawn mowed weekly, or bi-weekly will vary nationwide. There are areas where grass grows all year long in the southwest and southeast regions of the United States. Other areas like the midwest and northwest may have grass that only grows during a particular season, usually spring, summer, and fall. Another factor that contributes to lawn mowing pricing is the size and lay of your lawn. If you have a large property, the price, of course, will be higher. If you have many hills on your property, this may cause a landscaper to increase the rate. We will discuss lawn located in the midwest region that has a growth rate of about 6-8 months, and that is level.

The standard lawn size in the united states is anywhere from 6,500 to 9,500 square feet. The average price for a mowing a lawn this size is about $35 weekly, including the trimming of the property. However, the price for a property this size can increase if you choose to do a bi-weekly service, due to the grass being longer. If you decide to go bi-weekly, the price may increase to $45-50 per week with trimming included. Both the weekly and bi-weekly service will usually involve blowing away any grass and brush particles leftover on the sidewalk, walkways, or driveway. If you have an oversized property that runs from 9,500 to about 13,000 square feet, the price will be around the $50 – $75 range. One of the most important things to ask any landscaping business for a discount. Many companies offer both Military and Law Enforcement discounts. Tulsa Lawn Care Services also provides a discount for monthly and yearly agreements. Discounts are one way to save on the cost of lawn services.