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Tulsa Lawn Care Services is a year-round professional company that has stood out from the others with its knowledge and customer service that is unbeatable. One of the most important services we offer is Leaf Removal In Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Summer is officially over, and fall is in full swing. The leaves have changed into beautiful colors of red and yellow and are falling to the ground as winter begins its cold approach. While autumn is a lovely season, the number of falling leaves can have a crucial effect on your lawn. This isn’t just an appearance issue, but it is necessary for a healthy and beautiful lawn come spring.

Raking leaves late in the fall is far from a fun task. Keep in mind, the growth of turfgrass slows throughout fall and winter due to temperature drops. Your lawn stores this energy from growth for the springtime. Not raking your leaves acts as a barrier, blocking light and keeping the photosynthesis process from continuing. Leaf removal allows your lawn to continue getting the nourishment its needs from the sunlight.

Quick Tips to Remove Leaves From Your Lawn

Leaf removal Tulsa

Try to rake up your leaves at least twice every fall. Raking can get pretty exhausting. If you aren’t physically able to or your yard is too big, consider an outside service to do the work for you. Especially if you live a busy lifestyle. Get yourself a leaf blower. While fun to use, they can also be expensive, and you may not consider the price worth it for the amount of time it’s used. Raking onto a tarp makes for easier removal or use a lawn mover to bag the leaves and transfer them to an eco-friendly trash bag.

Hire a Leaf Removal Expert In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Though doing it yourself or having your kids do it (which is socially acceptable) may save money, but hiring a professional will save you time and your back. You can rest assured that hiring a professional like Tulsa Lawn Care Services will not only do a great job but will also have more efficient tools for the trade. Having a professional service take care of your lawn in the fall will save you money on expenses in the spring for any needed lawn care. 

Having a lush, green lawn is not only visually appealing but feels great on your feet. Keeping your lawn healthy is just as important in the fall by removing dead leaves as it is to keep it maintained during the summer. While the colored leaves may look great on the trees, they can hurt your lawn if you leave them there. Grab your rake or call a professional to take care of Leaf Removal in Tulsa, Oklahoma