As the Spring and Summer season is approaching, you might be wondering about lawn care.

If you do not prefer getting your hands dirty, you can pay around $30 per square footage for professional lawn mowing and trimming services. However, lawn fertilization or watering would mean additional costs. Did you know, U.S. households spend roughly $30 billion on lawn care services each year.

Indeed, one sure route to cut-down costs is by maintaining the turf yourself. But a beautiful lush green lawn expects thorough planning.

As a homeowner, take below-mentioned steps to avoid common lawn care mistakes:

Soil Test is Important

The very first for a complete lawn care service should be a soil test. Why? Because soil tests offer a shot of the soil health, disclose deficiencies (if any), and show the fertilizer type, you should be using it on your lawn.

You can request a soil test service from a local cooperative extension service. Or if you hire a Lawn Care Services Provider, they can do the soil test for you. These tests should be done at least once every three years; soil qualities can transform over time, depending on weather patterns.

Use of quick-release fertilizer

Tulsa Lawn Care Service recommends the use of slow-release fertilizers by the homeowners. These fertilizers are not as likely to burn turf as instantly. Besides that, slow-release fertilizers bleed out the nutrients gradually. Hence, it avoids the quick spurts of growth that come with immediately available sources, and they deliver a steady supply of nutrients over time.


Typically, lawns need about an inch of water every week. But, homeowners often make the misstep of running their sprinkler every day. An Over-watering lawn can sometimes surge your maintenance costs.

As per the experts, The majority of lawns need watering only about two days a week. Now there are two ways either hire a lawn care service provider or buy a smart sprinkler system.

Watering at the wrong time of the day

It is recommended to water plants in the morning, as the heat rises, the water starts to evaporate. What is essential for your lawn? The critical aspect is to get the lawn soil soaked to 6 inches deep.

The novice Gardeners can dig a small hole to discover how long it takes for the water to reach a depth of 6 inches.

Use of dull mower blades

Looking for a professional finish, a sharp lawnmower blade can evenly sever grass. However, a dull blade can rip and dull your lawn. Again it is up to the homeowner if they want to do all by themselves or hire a lawn care service provider. To ensure a clean-cut, the blades must be sharpened once a month.

Cutting the grass too short

According to a most recent survey, an
the average American expends neatly 70 hours a year on lawn care and garden care. Extra shortcutting of the grass may starve it. Not just that, homeowners might have to trim the grass more often in spring than in summer.

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