Brush Removal Services

Brush Removal: Tips and Tools to Reclaim Space

Yard maintenance is inevitable. Whether it’s your first home or you’ve owned some property for years, keeping your landscaping clean and free of brush can get overwhelming. For some, mowing the lawn and trimming a bush and they’re done. For others, especially for those who live outside of town or for those with prominent properties, the brush can get out of control and overgrow your land.

Having a neat and trimmed yard is highly beneficial, and brush cleanup Tulsa can prove an easy or hard undertaking. Here are some tips that may help you reclaim your space.

Preparation or a plan is helpful

Diving into the project isn’t always a good idea as you can easily get overwhelmed. Make a plan. Take a walk around your property to get a good idea of what needs clearing and the best way to tackle your undergrowth. Mark everything you want to remove or make notes for areas that are unusually thick or possible overgrowth that has become entwined in any fencing.

Check for a permit

Some areas require a permit before doing this type of work. Due to many reasons, you may need a dumpster on the street for removing a lot of your trees and brush, so don’t forget to check with your local planning and zoning department to make sure.

Plan for disposal

If you don’t have a lot to take care of, your weekly trash collection may do the trick for larger projects. You may want to consider an alternative like a dumpster rental. This way you aren’t rushed and can clean your yard on your time.
The tools of the trade

Proper equipment is everything. You’ll need a few tools or more to tackle the brush removal in Tulsa. Don’t forget safety gear, as well.

  • Power Tools: Chainsaw, stump grinder, trimmer.
  • Hand Tools: Ax, shovel, bow saw, tree pruner, machete, and rake.
  • Safety Gear: Eye protection, gloves, long-sleeved shirts and pants, helmet, heavy-duty trash bags, extra dirt or topsoil.

Clearing the brush

  • Cut down any trees you marked first. This includes getting rid of the stump.
  • Clear out the undergrowth. These are the tall weeds, grasses, or small shrubbery.
  • Time for cleanup. Once everything is down, its time to rake it all up and dispose of it.

Clearing brush can take a lot of time and hard work. If your low on time or not physically able to do it or lack the equipment, Tulsa Lawn Care Services can help. They have the tools, professional landscapers, and know-how to do the job. They can walk your property with you to give you an idea of what needs to be done and give you an estimate on the cost. This will save you money and back-breaking work. They will also know if a permit is needed for the project, as well. You won’t have to worry about buying extra equipment which can get expensive. Tulsa Lawn Cleaning Services can save you money in the long-run and give you the peace of mind you need knowing your property will look well-maintained after they’re done.