Tulsa Lawn Care Services is a landscaping and mowing service in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area since 2017. Our services extend to surrounding areas of Tulsa for both residential and commercial businesses. They know the importance of a well-maintained lawn and how important it is for your garden and landscaping.

Besides day-to-day cleaning and dusting, there are certain bigger tasks for which professional services should be trusted. Our skilled workers are equipped with varied abilities and experience, having a thorough knowledge of the all the details needed. They are also provided with progressive trainings in using advanced tools.

Services Offered

Lawn Mowing and Trimming

To maintain the good health of your lawn, trimming and mowing play an extremely essential role. This action involves strenuous physical activity and can prove to be quite tiring for some.

Mowing also provides a cosmetic benefit to your property. Generally, a well-cut lawn is easy to maintain. Trimmed and short grass renders your proper a well-groomed appearance. Mowing also helps in getting rid of the pests and allow sunlight and water to spread evenly.

Professional lawn care services aim to make things easier with advanced equipments and are also cost-effective.

Weed Control And Fertilization

Weeds cause excessive harm to healthy growth. Utilizing a proactive approach, our professionals eliminate the weeds and help keep your lawn healthy and green. Proper fertilizers are provided for the grasses to receive the nourishing ingredients. Relying on skilled service professionals can save you both money and time.

Leaf Removal

Apart from spoiling the appearance of your lawn, the fallen leaves also act as a barrier, blocking the sunlight and preventing photosynthesis. The dead leaves might be removed with the help of a leaf blower or by transferring them to an eco-friendly trash bag. But investing in them might not be wise since it proves to be time-consuming. Apart from that, the lawn care services are more reasonable and utilize more efficient tools for these hectic activities.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged and unclean gutters result in a variety of problems, starting from roof leakages to water damage. Unfortunately, gutters are the most overlooked cleaning project in the home, but it stands as the most important one.

Unlike mowing or lawn cleaning, cleaning of channels is not at all relaxing. It is one of those tasks that the homeowners dread to perform. Within an affordable budget, our services offer to clean the gutters, preventing any water damage to your home.

Gutters also become a breeding ground of mosquitoes and other insects, and with proper maintenance, you can get rid of all types of nuances.

Snow Removal

Snow can cause a number of hazards if not cleaned properly—constant and regular snow removal activities in the winter helps prevent skidding and slipping. You can use proper tools to maintain a dry area around your house. But, without adequate knowledge and a lack of specific winter clothes, you may face severe injuries. Hiring a professional, in this case, can save you from any liability. Simultaneously, it will also promote safety and cleanliness

Brush Removal

An unkempt surrounding with an excessive overgrowth gives an unorganized appearance. Chalk out a plan of cleaning your yard by pruning the tall weeds, shrubs, and grasses. Professional services are furnished with tools and landscapers that are best fitted for brush removal. They also guides and provides a cost-estimation beforehand.

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